Thank you very much for completing the survey. At this time, we’re unfortunately unable to proceed with you to the interview stage of the project. Although we would love to talk with everyone who has been generous enough to answer this screening survey, we are not always able to accommodate everyone.

Moving forward, we are always exploring new research on many different, interesting topics - and we would love to have us join as a team member going on some of these other projects. There will be other chances to speak with us, and many more rewards along the way.

If you want to stay involved, we will keep you in the loop and let you know when we need to interview someone with your type of background. Just click the "I'm in" button below and we will keep you in mind.

Thanks again for taking the time to be curious, thoughtful, and generous with your insights. We're really happy to have met you (electronically, for now), and we look forward to having you on our team.  

Of course, if you'd like to be left off any future communication, click the button below and we'll take you out of the rotation.



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